Young Girl Advocate (1)

A Pan African young woman advocate

A Pan African young woman advocate who is passionate about leadership and issues affecting adolescent girls and young women not just in the local level but both in the regional Network and the global level.

Leadership being one of her qualities, she has served in her former high school as leader of the school council and through this she went for a leadership training at Willing Hearts International Society of Canada and became the Best Girl of the Year 2015 and 2016. She has been able to volunteer in several organizations such as Polycom Development in serving the community ever since. Phenny has a background in social Work and community development and monitoring and evaluation. Her keen interest is in Leadership, Advocacy, mentorship and counselling. In 2021 she was democratically elected by Adolescent Girls and Young Women from Kenya not only to represent them at the country level but also at the Pan African region in a project called She Leads that is being implemented by Polycom Development and other partners in seven African countries for the next five years. Through this she has been able to get into several policy spaces such as the Kenyan National Youth policy, EAC SRH Bill and the communique that has been developed and adopted by several countries. She is talented in Music, Poetry and guitar.