Educate her

Polycom focuses on needy and willing girls not necessarily with the set standards set by various people (cut of marks and such) but with the desire to learn to get an education and ultimately become better women and people in our society. These girls have to convince us that they desire to further their education and we have a number of success stories, we have a success story of a beneficiary currently pursuing Medicine at The Kenyatta University. We have more than 15 girls who have benefited from this project some actually still volunteer with us

Polycom has been supporting girls with their education in not only one way but all rounded development the girls come to our offices because they see our offices as a safe space, they would come to the office with issues like; school fees or money to pay for lunch which is mostly given at school or uniforms and books. We’ve had uniforms made for the girls are number of times.We have a rotational library which is very cumbersome and the girls can at times visit our offices for closure and space to study. This however has been on high demand which is why we have now connected our partner schools to work directly with world readers.