Event Start Date:
October 22, 2020
Event End Date:
October 23, 2020
Event Venue:
Kisumu City

WamamaTunauwezo 5 (Women have the Power)

THEME: The City We Need is Safe and COVID 19 Resilient


Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) is the UN-Habitat’s World Urban Campaign process conceived in 2014 as an open space for critical exchange between all stakeholders and partners over sustainable urbanization and development opportunity towards positive socio-economic transformation. This is a space intended to create a consensus-building platform between partners, including community groups, engaged in addressing urbanization challenges and proposing solutions for the urban future.

The UTCs are designed to focus on 10 Principles towards the City We need which includes; inclusion, accessibility, equity, economic vibrance, safety among others. (Ref.: The City We Need – Towards a New Urban Paradigm)

Polycom Development Project, Winam Grassroots, MLAHRA, Rural Women Network, Shibuye Community Health Workers, and other partners under the banner of Huairou Commission have hosted 4 UTCs since 2015, two at the UN Complex in Nairobi, one in Kibera Slums, while the last one was in Kisumu City for preparations for meaningful engagement during the upcoming AfriCities Summit in 2021.

We are keen on the principle of making Cities Safe, Healthy and Promotion of Well Being which is in line with SDG 11. A city that is inviting all people to use its streets, parks, commercial spaces, and transit without fear. Guaranteeing the absence of crime and COVID 19 compliance with women, girls, and the youth at the center of focus in both public and private spaces, entrepreneurship, workplaces inclusive. It does so by Leaving No One Behind as far as planning, designing, budgeting, and implementation of security interventions are concerned.

WamamaTunauwezo is a brand by and for women living in various slum communities across Kenya. It is very important because it creates an equal platform for reflection, monitoring, and planning with the community in mind.

WamamaTunauwezo 5 – 2020

After 4 successful UTCs, WamamaTunauwezo 5, will take place in the City of Kisumu, which will host the Afri-Cities Summit in 2021. The intention of hosting this UTC in Kisumu City is to build up ongoing and already established conversations for the effective participation of grassroots women and young people in the upcoming Afri-cities Summit in 2021 and be part of an initiative of making Kisumu COVID-19 Resilient ahead of the AfriCities Summit. This event will take place at The VIC Hotel (TBC) on 22nd and 23rd October 2020. A National Grassroots Women Assembly and aWellness Academy will kick off the process to prepare the women for meaningful engagement during the UTC. This is the typical Huairou Commission’s approach to ensuring that grassroots women participate effectively and in a meaningful manner.

The objectives will include: –

  1. To harvest from the previous UTCs and successes from the principle in focus by various actors and develop synergies towards the City we need and the Sustainable Development Goals
  2. To review the strategies and structures with lead actors in implementing the New Urban Agenda and ensure the inclusion of women and youth in decision-making processes within their structures; and the upcoming AfriCities Summit.
  3. To build a partnership between Kisumu City and grassroots-women and youth-led organizations in preparing it as a Covid-19 Compliant City ahead of the Africities Summit in 2021
  4. To celebrate successful practices of women mobilizing and organizing in Kenya for the past 25 years and also during the Covid 19 pandemic response.

Day 1– 22nd October 2020:THE NATIONAL GRASSROOTS WOMEN ASSEMBLY, Will create a platform for self-healing, refection and planning for Women Right Organizations, Community Women Groups, Young Women and Girls, Women with Disabilities, Donors and other like-minded institutions. In-depth discussions on what has been achieved as far the SDG 11 and the New Urban Agenda will be discussed.

Day 2  23rd October: The main UTC, UN Habitat’s Executive Director Ms. Maimunah will open the UTC virtually through a recorded video and

 Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and ASALs , Hon. EugineWamalwa, flagged by other stakeholders, the County Government and leaders from the community, as well as  Mr. George Wasonga, CEO. Civil Society Urban Development Platform, Secretary, UN-Habitat Global Stakeholders Advisory Group. There will be constituent group discussions, round tables, urban lab, Urban Thinkers session, and the plenary. The different groups will have their round table to develop a joint approach and steps towards a safer, inclusive, and healthy City. The Urban Lab then gives room for innovations towards the same and the Urban Thinkers campus session to further discuss and agree on the recommendations. A plenary session and drafting session with experts to discuss and develop a joint outcome document with a clear road map towards a Safer City will end the day.

Several build-up activities will take place in various parts of the country led by the National team during the urban month.

Expected Outcomes: 

  1. Increased collaboration among different actors on issues of Safe Citiesincluding COVID – 19 response, management, and resilience building
  2. Enhanced understanding of the importance of SDG 11 and the New Urban Agenda by different stakeholders
  3. Initiated collaboration between entrepreneurship ecosystem support partners and local women and youth SMEs for post COVID-19 recovery and job security
  4. A clear outcome document on meaningful engagement of and partnership with women and safety programs by the various actors drafted and adopted
  5. Proper roadmap towards engagement of grassroots women and youth in the upcoming AfriCities Summit in 2021 agreed
  6. New networking and partnership opportunities for development towards the City We Need to be developed

Expected participants:

Participants will be drawn from UN-Habitat, various Women Rights Organizations, Civil
Society Organizations, government, policy drivers, urban enthusiasts, the media, community constituent groups, Women groups, youth initiatives, and University Students.


Will be led by Huairou Commission’s National team, Polycom Development Project, Winam Grassroots, and local partners will moderate the sessions.


All groups will be represented, no voice will be left behind, selected speakers will be those who can contribute to the advancement of women rights, globally, among them Founder of Huairou Commission Jan Peterson. Participants will also be able to make presentations, engage in breakout sessions and fireside chats within the theme and set objectives of the conference in view. A final list of speakers will be available 10 days to the event.

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To participate as a delegate, speaker, partner or sponsor, please get in touch with:


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