Consultancy With Polycom Development Project
Terms of Reference
“Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment of Girls: Influencing Paper”
Job Title(s) Consultant
Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to develop an influencing report on prevention and response to sexual harassment of girls and young women,based on data collected through Talking Boxes, with the aim to tighten and reform legislation in Kenya.
End Result 1 Advocacy Paper approx. 10-12 pages, synthesizing the data already collected to present recommendations to lawmakers, institutions & civil society
1 Summary Briefing/Infographic Flier, double sided 2-pages, that presents the key points of the paper
Budget Budget approximately 400,000 KES (Polycom will cover printing and dissemination costs)
Years of experience 5 years in policy and influencing based on Gender Based Violence programmes and/or girls and young women programmes, with analytical common-sense approach.
  1. Background

Sexual harassment is the most extreme evidence of unequal gender relations in society. It has been acknowledged by various actors including but not limited to the UN, The Kenyan Government and the African Union as a human rights violation that has major public health implications in all societies. Indeed, its impact cuts across boundaries of economic wealth, culture, religion, age, and sexual orientation.

The current reality is that sexual violence disproportionally affects women and girls. Wherever sexual violence occurs, it is a major obstacle for the achievement of gender justice, posing a serious threat to democratic development and public health, and is a critical barrier to achieving sustainable development, economic growth and peace.

Polycom Development Project knows that if women and girls are not safe, they cannot be full citizens nor fully participate in the development of their own society. Girls living in the slums apart from the usual challenge of poverty are faced with silent abuses, manipulation and violence that they rarely speak about. These include sexual harassment by people who are supposed to protect them e.g. parents, teachers and the police. Through a sharing platform “The Talking Boxes”, Polycom have been listening to these women and girls since 2010. Since January 2018, over 4,000 case studies have been collected proving there is an urgent need to intervene and respond to the issues raised by the girls.

The current project supported by Womankind Worldwide was designed to collect data that could persuade stakeholders to formulate better ways of tackling issues of Sexual Harassment of girls. When girls grow up with a clear understanding of their value and become assertive in speaking out against violence and manipulation, we liberate our society in the fight to end all forms of violence. Polycom’s work in Kibera contributes to a clear reduction in cases of violence against girls, and spreads awareness about the importance of a violence free society.

In 2016, The Sexual Offences Amendment Bill was proposed to tighten legislation and sentencing of sexual harassment offenders, particularly related to crimes against minors. However, Kenyan lawmakers dismissed the bill in 2017 partly due to a lack of sufficient and accurate data to demonstrate the magnitude of this problem. This project presents the missing data.

We need a consultant with strong writing skills and data synthesis abilities to write an influencing paper that will engage cross-sector support from Kenyan politicians, women’s right organisations and the broader civil society sector, so that all the organizations can unite to push forward the agenda of combatting sexual violence against girls and women.

  1. Overall purpose of the consultancy:

This consultancy will aim to produce an influencing document of 10-12 pages based on analysis of the data Polycom has collected during the project. The document will use a Gender-sensitive Lens in its analysis, with particular sensitivity towards the experiences of girls as distinct from the experiences of adult women. With publishing this information, highlighting and disaggregating issues according to type, age, location and experience, it is hoped we will influence a change in the overall law and intervention strategies.

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The consultant will also provide recommendations in the document, based upon insights from the data collected, and Key Informant Interviews, for Polycom to use in our advocacy with parliamentarians, local government and civil society. We hope women’s rights and development organisations will be able to draw key lessons from the documentation to inform future practices in the field of gender-based violence.

  1. The consultancy will aim to:
  • Synthesise, analyse and draft an evidence-based influencing report, 10-12 pages, of the findings from the talking boxes, and key informant interviews with staff and mentors; including recommendations for:
  • Parliamentarians & policy makers, and
  • Civil society, particularly organisations working in the women’s movement.
  • Develop a 2-page policy brief/infographic that can be easily understood and distributed to variety of audiences
  • Both documents have the implicit aim to support Polycom’s work on tightening legislation against perpetrators of acts of VAG.
  1. Expectations on Process and Methodology:

Polycom Development Project is looking for a consultant experienced in policy influencing writing, (preferably in the Kenyan context), with a strong background in gender-based violence and work with young women and girls. The consultant should have a passion to promote women and girls’ rights, and be able to take an analytical, common sense approach to their work; using language that will be accessible to a variety of audiences.

Polycom suggest the following outline on the methodology to be followed:

  • Have one on one briefing meetings with representatives of Polycom Development Project
  • Key informant interviews (Face to face or remote i.e. Skype Calls, depending on what is safe) with key staff and mentors.
  • Data analysis from the Talking Boxes with a gender sensitive, common sense approach
  • Sense-making workshop (to understand phrases/terminology used) with group of girls and mentors who are happy to talk about their use of the Talking Boxes
  • Develop draft reports and final report
  • Develop Recommendations

This outline will be finalised with the consultant who is selected.

  1. Deliverables Expected outputs:
  • Once the contract is agreed, the consultant will develop and share a detailed work plan/schedule of the activities, and outline of the report.
  • 1st Draft of the Evidence-Based Report (without recommendations) based on gender sensitive analysis of the data from the Talking Boxes and Key Informant Interviews
  • Workshop with key staff on refining recommendations
  • 2nd Draft of Report with recommendation
  • Final Draft of the report 10-12 pages
  • 1st Draft of the 2-page Policy Brief/Infographic
  1. The Role of Polycom Development Project
  • Identifying and contacting staff and mentors for interviews
  • Downloading data from the database
  • Review of draft reports with constructive comments
  • Fact checking for the reports
  • Collaboration on the final report version & recommendation
  1. Timeframe: All work should be carried out over the period of September to November 2020. More details about the work plan and timelines for delivery will be agreed between the successful candidate and the Polycom team.

How to Apply

All interested candidates should submit:

  1. A letter of interest: (no more than 2 pages long) outlining their commitment to work on women’s and girls’ rights, and combatting gender-based violence, as well as their experience in policy writing and influencing.
  2. A CV: (no more than 4 pages) focussing on relevant experience and key achievements with hyperlinks where possible
  3. A Writing Sample: (no more than 2 pages) That can an extract from recent completed work or published article
  4. Contacts for 2 Referees: 1st referee should be the person the writing sample was submitted to the 2nd referee should be able to speak about your relevant experience and suitability.
  5. Deadline for submissions: Midnight Friday 11 September 2020

All submissions should be sent in 1 zip file to info@polycomgirls.or.kewith the subject line:

Application for Sexual Harassment Influencing Report.

Submissions that do not include all of the requested documents, or do not make relevant reference to the scope of the work, will be discounted. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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