Evaline Swila

Evaline Swila

Finance Manager
Brief info

Founding member of Polycom Development Project. A Community woman leader with financial management, monitoring & evaluation skill, as well as project management. She is in charge of general overseeing of the projects, monitoring and reporting progress. Planning of programs and records keeping. She serves the organization on volunteer basis, and is keen on making sure the organization stands out among many. Has received several trainings from Care-Kenya, Kenya Community Development Foundation and other organization. Acts as a focal person for the organization with various partners.


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

28 years old Single mother of three children who do not stay with her because she doesn’t have a job, she stays with her sister and her 2 children in her one room house in Kibera.

I used to be a good soccer player but discovered that I am very good in Volleyball when Polycom introduced it, this is my talent, I want to play and join the national team

Mercy Sophie Echusa

I am a single mother to one girl, I am a hair dresser, my dad died so I stay with my younger sisters, I am the sole bread winner making life very hard because I do not have my own saloon but depending on piece jobs.

I am very good in sports that is whys I play Volleyball, I want to look and stay young and healthy.

Everlyne Odhiambo.

I am 36 years old; I dropped out of high school due to lack of school fees, I have 3 children, one girl and two boys, my first born boy is 17 years old, he has since dropped out of school due to lack of schools fees, the twins are in school, 6th grade but I am still worried whether they will go for further education or not. My husband is a casual worker and I am a house wife.


Phoebe Abulo

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