Women Peace and Security

Polycom's impactful work in peacebuilding and promotion resonates with the stories of over 200 courageous women. The seeds of our peacebuilding movement were sown in 2007, during a period marred by election violence that inflicted deep wounds upon women and children, especially young girls, who bore the brunt of Gender-Based Violence (G.B.V).

In steadfast partnership with the National Cohesion Integration Commission (NCIC), as well as Catholic Relief Service (CRS) and other Community-Based Organizations, we have dedicated ourselves to advocating for peace, providing training, and empowering community members, with a special focus on women and youth, in the art of peacebuilding. The impact of our collective efforts has been felt profoundly in recent years, as elections have transpired with minimal chaos, thanks to the heightened awareness and empowerment of community members regarding the indispensable value of peace within their midst.

Through our peace initiatives, we have fostered unity, mobilizing community members through various engaging activities such as sports, songs, walks, demonstrations, wall painting, chalk talks, and dialogue sessions. In these endeavors, we have also actively involved religious leaders, whose steadfast support and influence have been invaluable in spreading the message of peace and harmony among their faithful followers.

We go beyond resilience-building practices; we organize forums for peer learning, where women come together to share their stories of triumph and acquire entrepreneurial skills to navigate the challenges posed by climate change. By increasing women’s ability to demonstrate and share their resilience practices across counties, we cultivate a network of empowered change agents, capable of weathering any storm.

Polycom recognizes the power of collective action. We strive to consolidate the voices of grassroots women, empowering them to engage meaningfully in policy-making processes. By amplifying their concerns and perspectives, we work to shape policies and institutions that reflect the realities and needs of the communities they represent.

Food security remains a critical challenge in many communities, exacerbated further by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Polycom addresses this pressing issue by empowering women to access land for both rural and urban farming. By fostering partnerships between local governments and grassroots women, we have witnessed remarkable improvements in women’s access to and utilization of lands, granting them the rights and opportunities they deserve. This comprehensive approach encompasses land rights advocacy and economic development, ensuring that women thrive in their pursuit of food security and resilience against the changing climate.

Through our unwavering dedication and collaborative efforts, we are touching the lives of women, empowering them to be the catalysts of peace, resilience, and sustainable development in their communities. Together, we envision a world where women’s voices are heard, their rights upheld, and their dreams nurtured.