“National Strategies to end this silent Pandemic should be rolled out urgently “  

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 World Population Day

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As we celebrate World Population day, we are concerned about the rising cases of teen mothers in our community especially in the slum areas.   .

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Generation Equality 2021

The event marks the most significant international convening for gender equality since the 1995 Women’s Conference in Beijing. This is also a great opportunity

Menstrual Hygiene

I woke up from my seat and a hot gash of warm liquid trickled down from within me. I felt the same warm liquid slowly creep down my legs, I looked down and was shocked at the sight of

Bado Binti Project

Grace Akinyi ‘not her real name’ cuddles her baby looking intently at his eyes as he suckles away. Grace has gone through a lot of pressure from her family. Her mother is a single mother

Policy Evidence Report

A policy evidence report to strengthen the Sexual Offences Amendment Bill 2016 will be presented to Parliament by Nairobi Women Representative, Esther Parssaris.

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