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Cerebral Palsy Day-Our voice from Kibera

In partnership with Global Call to Action, Polycom Development engaged with locals in marking the World Cerebral Palsy day. World Cerebral Palsy Day, which occurs annually on October 6, reminds us that there over 17 million people impacted by this disorder. CP is one of the most common physical disabilities affecting the most vulnerable among […]

International day of the girl child-the voice of Girls from Kibera

Stella shyly draws a map on the ground as we inquire on whether she knows about the International Day of the Girl child. She shyly tells us upon further prodding that the day focuses on the girls and anything to do with empowering the girls. Every year on 11 October, the International Day of the […]

We mark Global Day of Action

“Don’t let People speak on your behalf, speak for yourself”. A strong statement from Chief Otwori of Sarangombe in Kibera urging the women abled differently to not submit to less treatment. Chief Otwori and other key stakeholders honored a call by Polycom Development to hold a peoples’ assembly and discuss the effects of COVID 19 [...]

International peace day

Peace also seen as concord, or harmony and tranquility is vital to the community and its people.  International Day of Peace is commemorated on 21st of September each year. This is the day which  was set a side by the UN General Assembly back in 1981 for  everyone around the world to devote for keeping [...]

Sex for water Campaign

Polycom Development and Umande Trust have teamed up to run a campaign on sex for water within Kibera Slums. There are rising cases of Gender Based Violence arising due to lack of the essential commodity-water. The overall project objective is to contribute to a reduction in the water and sanitation related sexual exploitation of women [...]


Juliet walked into Polycom Development office feeling tired and sweating; her face blotched with the tender heat of the mid-morning sun.  She seems tired so we offer her a seat and a bottle of water to cool her down. We get down to a small interview and she narrates how when COVID 19 pandemic begun [...]

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