Empowerment Blossoms in Transforming Lives

Polycom Girls is nurturing a garden of empowerment, where women are being equipped with the tools to shape their destinies and create a better future.

At the core of Polycom’s mission is the empowerment of women through advocacy and education. With a vision that recognizes the immense potential within these women, Polycom has opened doors to advocacy spaces that were once distant dreams. Through carefully designed training programs, women are being trained to be advocates for their own rights and the rights of others. The journey doesn’t end there – Polycom is determined to bridge the gap between learning and action.

For some, the transformation has been a lifeline away from harmful practices. Women who have endured the weight of gender-based violence (GBV) and the traumas of female genital mutilation (FGM) have found solace in Polycom’s educational initiatives. With newfound knowledge, they are empowered to rise above their past and forge ahead with courage. The scars that once defined them are now symbols of their resilience and strength.

Courage comes in various forms, and for a group of women, it meant advocating for market expansion within the confines of Kibera. Driven by the belief that their community deserves access to better opportunities, these women fearlessly campaigned for the growth of local markets. Their unwavering efforts have transformed once-neglected spaces into thriving hubs of economic activity, giving hope and dignity to their fellow residents.

But empowerment isn’t just about advocacy; it’s about fostering independence through education and entrepreneurship. Polycom’s training in entrepreneurship has opened new avenues for women to explore their potential. Guided by mentors, they have discovered the world of online businesses and physical small enterprises. They’ve learned how to source goods online, set competitive prices, and maximize profits.

Perhaps what stands as a true testament to their courage and determination is the collective action they’ve taken. Women have united to seek affirmative funds – small loans without interest. With these loans, they’ve defied all odds to establish and grow their businesses. What began as a flicker of aspiration has transformed into a blaze of success. As they repay their loans and prepare to embark on their next chapters, they carry with them the pride of accomplishment and the promise of brighter tomorrow.