Polycom Girls Champions for Climate Action in the Urban Informal Settlements

Flooding, a growing challenge in cities worldwide, hits hardest in marginalized communities. Informal settlements, like Kibera, bear the brunt. Situated in flood-prone areas, residents face perilous consequences.

In the rainy season, tragedy strikes in Kibera with flooding claiming lives. The danger escalates, but escaping to higher ground is no easy feat in this densely populated slum. Kibera, Nairobi’s largest informal settlement, grapples with biannual floods. Those with scarce resources are forced into the most affordable yet flood-prone locations.

Polycom isn’t standing by. They’re joining hands with residents, community groups, and partners in an effort to start community-responsive adaptation projects in high-risk zones. The immediate toll of flooding is well known—human lives lost, property destroyed, crops ruined, and waterborne diseases spreading. But in the heart of Kibera, there’s a glimmer of hope.

Polycom doesn’t stop at sensitization, They are also championing women’s role in climate action. By involving women in discussions and decision-making processes, they’re creating a more inclusive and resilient future for the community.