Boresha Binti Program

HeForShe: BYM Edition

Through various programs in schools over the years we discovered that there is a need to involve boys and young men (BYM) in our programs after receiving various contents highlighting there is a need of incorporating boys in the mentorship sessions. The BYM Edition Program works hand in hand with the Boresha Binti Program. The focus of HeForShe BYM Edition program is geared towards 3 Aspects: (i) Gender Champions - challenging gender norms and stereotypes and advocating for gender equality, (ii)Sexual Reproductive Health and (iii) Mental Health.

We have successfully trained male mentors who serve as positive role models and provide guidance and support to the boys during mentorship sessions in the partner schools and also in the community. In schools, they collect content from boys and address the issues raised through the boy’s sessions. We also have community engagements where BYM who are Gender Champions raise awareness about gender issues within the communities, workplaces, and social circles. They engage in conversations, workshops, and awareness campaigns to educate others about gender equality, women’s rights, and the challenges faced by girls and women.