Climate and Urban Farming

In the midst of limited land within urban settlements, a heartfelt struggle emerges for women who yearn to cultivate their own piece of soil. But within this challenge, Polycom steps forward, empowering these resilient women to embark on a journey of urban farming and find solace in their own kitchen gardens.

The concept of implementing a garden within a simple sack has become a beacon of hope embraced by community members. Its allure lies in its ability to flourish within small spaces and thrive with minimal water for irrigation. The sack garden holds remarkable potential to alleviate food insecurity among the less fortunate residing in urban areas. With determination and tender care, women now cultivate an array of vegetables essential for their families' sustenance. Through this act of nurturing, they not only provide nourishment but also unlock the opportunity to save precious funds for other pressing needs.

Polycom stands as a steadfast ally, collaborating with agricultural extensions to promote training and equip women with vital farming skills and resources. From seedlings to sacks or basins, we empower these resilient women, enabling them to embark on their farming journey with confidence and purpose.

In the face of the ever-present challenge of climate change, the resilience of our food systems becomes paramount. Polycom takes it upon itself to train women on preserving the excess harvest, preventing hasty sales that lead to wastage and potential nutritional deficiencies. By imparting these valuable techniques, we foster a sense of self-reliance and ensure that no harvest goes to waste.

In the heart of urban landscapes, a transformation is occurring. Women who once yearned for spaces to farm have found solace and empowerment through kitchen gardening in sacks. Polycom’s unwavering dedication to their cause fuels a movement of resilience, where the love for nurturing life sustains not only their families but also ignites a glimmer of hope for a more secure and sustainable future.