Talking Boxes

In collaboration with UNFPA

A girl comes to school crying she cannot speak nor utter what the problem is. We prod but nothing forth comes from her mouth. We manage to keep her calm and she stops crying. We try to ask her what the problem is but she shakes her head. We leave the school with so many questions. How best can we help her talk? What could be her problem? Why isn’t she able to voice her concern?

The talking boxes concept was initiated to handle such cases. In partnership with the UNFPA the program initiated by Polycom Development saw the need to address issues that affect the girls who in most cases are shy of talking or they cannot express themselves maybe because the perpetrator is present or they feel shy.

The Talking Box offers an avenue through which the girl can confidently drop her concern in the box without feeling like she will be victimized. The talking boxes are often placed in various schools. Currently the project is in 50 schools with a hope of expanding to more schools to enable us address more issues the girls are going through. The contents are picked once a week by the office and analyzed, serious cases are addressed immediately with the teachers (if possible) if not the office addresses and advices the girls on what action they can take.

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