Vincent Muinde

Programmes Associate & Human Resource Manager
Gender Champion Vincent Muinde has a strong commitment to gender equality. An undergraduate majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies.


Vincent is the definition of a true loving advocate for gender equality. With a strong commitment to fostering a more equitable society, Vincent is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, where he deepens his understanding of the dynamics surrounding gender issues.

In his role as the communication officer at Polycom Development Project, Vincent demonstrates his reliability and thoroughness by developing and executing comprehensive communication plans. He understands the power of effective communication in raising awareness and sparking conversations about important social issues. Through his dedication, he ensures that the organization’s message reaches a wide audience, promoting consciousness and understanding.

Beyond his communication responsibilities, Vincent also takes charge of the Boys Mentorship Program. With a caring heart, he guides and supports young boys on their journey towards mental well-being and a deep understanding of gender equality. Through this program, Vincent instills values of empathy, respect, and inclusivity, nurturing a new generation of compassionate and socially conscious individuals.

Vincent’s commitment to creating a more equal and loving society shines through his every action. His reliable nature, combined with his passion for communication and mentorship, makes him an invaluable asset to the Polycom Development Project. With Vincent at the helm, the organization’s initiatives continue to make a meaningful impact, promoting gender equality and fostering a society built on care and understanding.

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