Juliet walked into Polycom Development office feeling tired and sweating; her face blotched with the tender heat of the mid-morning sun.  She seems tired so we offer her a seat and a bottle of water to cool her down. We get down to a small interview and she narrates how when COVID 19 pandemic begun she was accosted by her motorcycle rider boyfriend on her way to buy a few items that her mother had sent her. To her dismay her boyfriend became rough and she pleaded her case with her boyfriend to let her go citing her periods.  The boyfriend grudgingly obliged but later in the month Juliet ended up having unprotected sex with her boyfriend leading to her 3 month pregnancy.

She is the office seeking advice on what next to do and how to approach her pregnancy.

The local media was bursts two months ago with headlines that were hard to believe. “close to 4000 school girls impregnated in Kenya during COVID 19 lockdown” read one headline. “Alarm as 3964 girls impregnated in Machackos County” stated another.

To address such rising cases Woman’s Hope Kenya in partnership with Polycom organized an awareness campaign activity dubbed ‘LindaBinti” loosely translated to mean, protect the girl. The campaign aims at educating the motorcycle riders, commonly referred to us boda boda riders, to end teen pregnancy.  The riders saw the harmful sense that the adolescent girls are exposed to and promised to protect the adolescent girls. Polycom Director, Jane Anyango encouraged the men to ensure that none of their peers engage in such malpractice but instead be ambassadors of change. Woman’s hope Director Consolata further reiterated that it is important that the adolescent girls within Kibera stay safe within this pandemic.

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