International Day for the Girl Child


The UNFPA Country Rep and CAS of ICT Nadia visited the office premises where they officially commissioned the new Polycom offices. They thus toured the Kibera Pads Company a subsidiary of Polycom that produces pads for free distribution to the adolescent girls in our project schools.

Welcome remarks were done by the Director Polycom who welcomed all into the occasion. She then invited Stacy Akinyi who spoke to the girls about the international day of the girl child and why it is important to celebrate it as we mark milestones of achievements.

Thereafter a speech was done by a representative from the office of the District County Commisisioner on ending teen pregnancy and further urging the girls to take control of their lives and not allow the boys to play with them, a great speech was done by UNFPA Country Representative Dr Ademola Olajide, inspiring the girls to dream.

He said that it is the responsibility of the Government, UNFPA and Partners such as Polycom to help the girls achieve their dreams. He gave a story on how the boys competed with girls to be in top positions but accorded them respect. The girls were informed that they should continue to live their dreams.


He then invited CAS Nadia of the ICT Ministry. In her empowering speech, CAS Nadia asked the girls if they dream about their future and what they want? She encouraged the girls that she started dreaming when she was thirteen, growing up with a mother who fought hard so that they have a great future. In her cultural context, the girls are not allowed to dream, they would dream of only marriage. In her area child marriage is rife, but she kept on dreaming. Having gone through bullying it did not deter her from achieving her dream.

Her self-esteem, gender-based violence did not stop her from what she wanted. She empowered the girls that it doesn’t matter the circumstances but what is in that person’s heart. She told the girls she is their sister and that we live through the favour of God. She reiterated that the girls matter and hence why we are celebrating the day. Coming from a marginalized community the girls have to fight. She asked the girls to promise her that they will not stop dreaming.


CAS Nadia continued to say that she wants the girls to have a story next time. She does not want them to stop dreaming. She further stressed that she is an example of a young, beautiful intelligent smart lady and the girls should not wait for anyone to tell them that.

“Make the most of childhood and teenage stage because you girls’ matter” she finished.

Cake Symbolism

Thereafter a cake was cut to symbolise the growth of girls in the digital space.


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