International peace day


Peace also seen as concord, or harmony and tranquility is vital to the community and its people.  International Day of Peace is commemorated on 21st of September each year.

This is the day which  was set a side by the UN General Assembly back in 1981 for  everyone around the world to devote for keeping peace. Polycom Development Project has been practicing peace keeping culture with women known as “Kibera Women for Peace” across five informal settlements in Nairobi through thematic  sports and songs throughout the year in public forums, during political campaigns and election period, women.

This year, the organization partnered with other CSOs in Kibera Slums to take part in joint peace Building Activities which have taken place in five days with different category of persons with the

Theme: “Shaping Peace Together”.

Objectives of Kibera Peace Forum Assembly

  • To eradicate negative ethnicity and tribalistic behavior
  • landlord-tenant conflict by sensitizing communities through
  • Eradicating Political rivalry
  • Eradicate religious conflicts
  • End Crime and violence caused by youths

Polycom actively engaged the women that work with the organization in an awareness creation conversation. Some of the issues raised that enhance conflict are poor sanitation, sextortion, poor housing, unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, inadequate clean water among other factors.

All these problems contribute to the senseless killing of human beings and perpetual conflict in Kibera. The most vulnerable people who suffer the consequences are women and children especially those living with disabilities.

Injustices such as alleged forceful eviction creates internally displaced personnel.

As a way forward,  

  • Organizations are encouraged to strengthen partnership towards empowerment of girls, boys and women in the community.
  • To continue peace dialogue even when there is peace
  • Kibera Women for Peace Organization to be active in peace building.
  • Community Health Volunteers to cluster homes and visit regularly.


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