We mark Global Day of Action


“Don’t let People speak on your behalf, speak for yourself”. A strong statement from Chief Otwori of Sarangombe in Kibera urging the women abled differently to not submit to less treatment.

Chief Otwori and other key stakeholders honored a call by Polycom Development to hold a peoples’ assembly and discuss the effects of COVID 19 on persons abled differently.  25th September is marked all over the world as a  “People’s Assembly” also known as Global Day of Action where women with disabilities being one of the minorities in the slum get an opportunity to share and address issues that affect them directly and indirectly especially now during this pandemic.

Some of the concerns raised by the women abled differently ranged from;

Being locked out of the food distribution exercise by the Government, most stated they did not receive anything while some cued for long ending up with one packed of maize flour.

Some experienced depression due to fear of being infected with the Virus since no social distance are kept during food distribution.

Complained of not being involved in Sub-County Government opportunities like job opportunities known as ‘KAZI MTAANI’ INNITIATIVE.

Most of them reported that they have not benefited on cash transfer even after Polycom fought for their rights. 

Most were not able to access facemask or hand sanitizers putting them at risk of contracting the virus

Sanitation in Kibera is an uphill task and access to clean toilets by those abled differently was also a great challenge.

Call to Action

Association of Persons with Disability Kenya encouraged the women to reach forth and not suffer in silence. He however noted that most Non- Governmental Organizations were crippled financially. The Local Government representative, Chief Otwori further encouraged them to voice their concerns through local run civil societies like Polycom Development Project.

“Don’t let People speak on your behalf, speak for yourself”  He urged the women.

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