Meet our Young Girl Advocate

Nancy Baraza walked into Polycom offices two years ago with a heart to mentor young girls. Her young frame betrayed the potential and energy that she carried within her. Over the course of the two years, she diligently took her role as a mentor seriously within the Organization and with the 50 partner schools we work with. Internationally and locally, she has worked with other young women across the globe under the Human rights council at 50 advocacy group, representing the young women and girls in her community by telling her story as an African young woman.

She was the lead speaker at the Youlead Summit and spoke to the multilateral systems where she lobbied for meaningful youth engagement especially for girls and young women in Africa. She has participated in FEMNET’s Monitoring and Evaluation Framework Design and has taken part on writing the teenage girls Strategy for FEMNET. She was part of a consultation session on girls and young women activism in Africa. This consultation enabled her to contribute to the United Nations (UN) report for 2022 on Girls Activism.

Keep up the great work our Young Girl Advocate.

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