We have to Eat #DignifiedResponse to women and girls living in informal settlements

Polycom Development Project has been at the forefront to ensure women and girls in Kibera do not suffer due to the COVID 19 pandemic. It is surprising to note that food is distributed but majority of the marginalized women are finding this exercise difficult. Take for instance, Stella a thirteen year old girl living with her parents in the sprawling Kibera slums.

Life here has been unbearable and the pandemic has made the situation worse.  From a household that earns two dollars a day, the disease has rendered them hunger stricken. Food was cheaper but with restricted movement, this has affected their income. They as a family have to eat one meal a day.  With a desperate look drawn on her face, Stella has nothing more to say but ask the Government to consider giving them stipends instead of daily cuing up for food.

This is a difficult period for the household of four. If they are caught without masks, they are arrested; if they are caught outside during curfew they are arrested. “What can we do”? She asks amidst sobs. She continues, “We have to eat’.

#DignifiedResponse to women and girls living in informal settlements

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