01st December 2018 was the day when Polycom Development Project and 33 women living with disabilities joined the whole world to Rock the Ribbon! in Both the HIV/AIDS movement and the disability movement which are confronting stigma and discrimination of different kinds, considering the world disability day was on 3rd December. When an individual has both HIV and disability there is double stigma and burden. Therefore, affecting not only the individual but also the entire household.

Discussions around the relationship between disability and HIV/AIDS. Persons with disabilities need to be included in HIV response and be allowed to participate fully within the continuum of HIV care.

Issues raised

• People with disabilities have not been fully represented in politics and are still highly marginalized in decision making in the entire country’s development agendas as well.
• Despite the constitutional requirement that every county nominates at least one person with disability, It’s clear that some counties have not nominate any person with disabilities into the county assemblies.
• People often view disability as a curse or punishment by divine powers. Therefore, the disabled persons are neglected by their family members.

• Families can be embarrassed by disability, and keep children and/or relatives with disabilities at home making them not access health facilities, church etc.

• Many people living with disabilities face abuse in their household. Others are taken to the street to borrow money from passersby.

• Conflict increases the number of people with disabilities, while decreasing the available support.
• Lack of care and medical support to treat and overcome certain disabilities.

• A stakeholder pointed out that National AIDs Control Council (NACC) report does not indicate the HIV/AIDs prevalence among PLWDs, an indication that somehow, this group is ignored.
• PLWDs are sexually active yet many of them are not accessing such a basic need.
• Not considered during construction of public and private facilities e.g. hospitals, Schools, offices etc.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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