Polycom Development was privileged to host one of the project donors who visited Kibera slums and to engage with the community during the pandemic. “It is always a privilege to visit my friend Jane Anyango from Kibera and to see the tremendous work she is doing for the women and adolescent girls within Kibera, Daria says”.   Together with mentors from Polycom, Daria visited four schools, within Kibera slums distributing masks as well as sanitary towels.  Furthermore, she had an educational talk with Polycom staff members on breast cancer awareness. In these, she pointed out on the need to know self- extermination to detect early signs of breast cancer. Her presentation highlighted on the need for a healthy lifestyle of exercise, proper diet and reduction of stress. Together with Polycom team Daria held a friendly match with women from Kibera, winners were given an array of tokens as an appreciation.

 We thank you Daria for promoting sports for peace within our community. You are always welcome.

In her visit, Daria visited various schools within the country promoting peace through volleyball, visited various homes giving goodies and bonding with the children. Furthermore, Daria visited clinics within the Kendu Bay area donating glucometer, facials and bandages among other items to the hospital.

Daria Mejnartowicz is the President at Salveo Medical Care Rehabilitacja Warszwa with a strong humanitarian passion. She lives in Warsaw-Poland.

Thank you, Daria we look forward to another great visit to Kenya.

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